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Introduction of Dayi Middle School

    Dayi, north to the Yu Hill, has convenient transportation. Its scenery is charming and its people are knowledgeable. Many excellent and famous people have been nurtured here. The ancestors and their inheritors here have created brilliant history and splendid culture with their intelligence and physical power.
  Dayi Middle School was established in 1957 after the foundation of PRC. In 1969, Dayi Middle School opened a supplementary part--- senior high school, making it one of five complete suburban middle schools in Changshu County. In 1989, the whole school was moved to the present location.The school has been awarded as Jiangsu key high school in 2000, and regarded as the provincial three- star senior high school.
  It covers an area of 70,000 square meters. The whole school is divided into three areas: the teaching area, the activity area and the living area. It contains an administrative building, an official building, a lab building, a library, an information center and three teaching buildings. Besides, there is a 400-meter circle playground, a canteen, 2 students’ dormitories and some classrooms for special purposes. The library has a storage of more than 80,000 books plus 300,000 e-books. The school has all kinds of high-tech equipment, holding a position as an information-based experimental school in Soochow. There is an information center, 3 multimedia classrooms, 2 suits of movable multimedia equipment, 4 computer rooms, 2 electronic reading rooms, 1 multimedia workshop for teachers and 1 multi-functional lecture theater. The ratio of student to computer is 7 to 1 while that of teacher to computer is 2 to 1.
  The school environment is also very appealing. There stand 2 pavilions named Hou and Yi. Rockeries and fountains lie beside a zigzag bridge with water running below. The vine-corridors ,rock sculptures and school bulletin boards all catch people’s eyes.
Seeing is believing. Dayi middle school is here waiting for you.

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